The Mystery

The Solution

Profit Analyzer

Profit Analyzer uses in-memory analytic to analyze the data that you have gathered as part of running your business. Data used for analysis would be Transactional Data (from your Point-of-Sale), Master Data, Deals and Policy data from Pricing Application. When all this data is correlated and analyzed, it opens up opportunities in improving Profitability, Margins and identifies root causes for Margin leakages. Data is represented in the form of Charts, Dashboards and Reports.

Price Manager

Price Manager helps in administering policies and Prices which will help in maintaining control over the entire Pricing Process. Policies can be maintained on various dimensions of the business which include your Product Portfolio, Geographies, Customer and Sales Hierarchies. Workbooks can be created to encompass multiple policies for a given set of keys. All this can be done without getting lost in a maze of spreadsheets.

Deal Manager

Deal Manager helps in creating various kinds of deals well before rolling out the Invoices for the various transactions. These deals provide guidance for the transactions done in a day-to-day business. A salesperson will be able to create, manage and negotiate deals using the various tools available in the Deal Manager. Apart from the above three modules, Pricing Application we work on also provides tools for Segmenting your data and perform analysis on that.

Price Optimization Manager

The latest and the most potent tool that Pricing Applciation offers, is the Price Optimization Manager, which is a cocktail of your deal from Deal Manager and analytics from your Profit Analyzer with a sprinkling of Price Manager to help things run. Price Optimization Manager is an award winning solution from Vendavo which will empower your Sales force to make better deals and help plug leakages in your Margin calculation.


Playbooks is another module that Vendavo offers, to make better use of your Analytics. Each playbook is a combination of multiple charts and workbooks, if needed, arranged and followed in a way to satisfy a particular Business Analysis.

Deal Guide

Deal Guide is a empowering your Sales force with the Deal Manager on-the-go. This is available on any kind of device that your Salesperson will have so that he can make deals with all the information available at his fingertips.

What we Do

Our Process

We work on the Agile methodology which helps us be nimble and allows maximum visibility about the project to all stake holders. With all participants on board from the sketch board to Move to production (MTP), it helps us in communicating better and the constant checkpoints helps us to identify problem areas and plan for them effectively. Since it is a continuous cycle of multiple sprints, the customer is able to see the improvements in the Product on a real-time basis.













Who we are

Ankit Mehta

Ankit Mehta has vast experience in implementing the Vendavo Suite for various Fortune 500 companies. A Warwick Business School alumni, Ankit has worked in multiple Vendavo implementations and started QSS to provide quality services for companies using Vendavo as a Pricing solution. As an enthusiastic collaborator and leader, Ankit has lead a team in the Hult Global Case challenge.

Babu Prasath

Babu Prasath is a Vendavo veteran who has worked on multiple verticals across various Geographies. He has been a Solution Architect for various Vendavo customers and has been involved in end-to-end implementations of Vendavo. He is a repository of knowledge when it comes to Pricing Science and Vendavo. A charismatic personality, Babu has a solution to all your Pricing questions.

Prateek Mehta

Prateek has a very good foundation in Software development and experience in Business Development. He started his career with I2 technologies where he was part of product development team. With a brilliant understanding of Supply chain management, he has been in the mix of things in Qualitech since the time of inception and has been one of the founding pillars.

Srikanth Siram

Srikanth has vast experience in the Vendavo Implementation space with experience of working on a variety of Customer verticals. He brings with him seven years of Vendavo experience and has been working on designing and Configuring the Vendavo Pricing Solution. He is a sports buff and has represented his company in Cricket and Badminton tournaments in the past.

Nihar Patel

Nihar has varied experience in the Vendavo Implementation space. He has worked in more than seven implementations of Vendavo for vairious clients. A seasoned professional, Nihar has done end-to-end implementations of the various modules of Vendavo. He also has experience in the new modules of Vendavo like Deal Guides. A soft spoken person, Nihar is an avid reader of books and people.

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